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The most important gases for weather conditions are ___ and carbon dioxide.
a) argon b) ozone c) water vapor d) nitrogen
Which layer of the atmosphere do we live in?
a) Exosphere b) Stratosphere c) Thermosphere d) Troposphere
Meterologists use ___ to measure air pressure.
a) barometers b) thermometers c) sling psychrometers d) hygrometers
What process changes water vapor to a liquid?
a) evaporation b) infiltration c) transpiration d) condensation
The temperature in the thermosphere ___.
a) is the same as in the troposphere b) increases c) decreases d) is the coldest in the atmosphere
Which atmospheric layer contains weather?
a) thermosphere b) mesosphere c) stratosphere d) troposphere
The __ is cold except in its upper region where ozone is located.
a) mesosphere b) troposphere c) stratosphere d) exosphere
The most abundant gas is the atmosphere is ___.
a) water vapor b) carbon dioxide c) oxygen d) nitrogen
The process by which plants lose water from their leaves is called ___.
a) outbreathing b) exhalation c) transpiration d) leakage
The higher you go in the atmosphere, the ___ the air pressure gets.
a) more constant b) lower c) higher d) more electric
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