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Sound begins with a
a) disturbance b) vibration c) movement of atoms d) all of the above
Sound waves must travel through
a) a medium b) a solid, liquid or gas c) matter d) all of the above
Sound waves travel slowest through
a) water b) air c) steel d) space
Sound waves travel fastest through
a) hot air b) cold air c) ocean water d) wood
Sound waves move out in all
a) mediums b) vibrations c) directions d) particles
Sound waves are
a) longitudinal waves b) tranverse waves c) seismic waves d) shock waves
Like all other waves, sound waves can
a) be reflected b) be absorbed c) be transmitted d) all of the above
A reflected sound wave is called a(n)
a) trabsverse wave b) bend c) echo d) seismic wave
The speed of sound depends on
a) elasticity (how stretchy something is) b) density c) temperature d) all of the above
When sound waves enter s room through an open door, they spread out. This is called
a) diffraction b) refraction c) refection d) diffusion
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