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The three domains of life are
a) Bacteria, Archae and Eukaryota b) Soccer, Baseball, Football c) d)
Humans are classified in what Phylum
a) chordata b) primates c) animalia d)
A equatorial weather cell
a) creates a low pressure zone b) creates a high pressure zone c) d)
a midlatitude weather cell
a) creates a high pressure zone b) creates a low pressure zone c) d)
another term for flowing air is
a) wind b) flatulence c) d)
Ocean Loop/Gyre is
a) path of water from poles, towards equator b) circular path of water from equator, towards poles and back to equator c) d)
The gulfstream originates at
a) the equator b) the north pole c) d)
wind is named for
a) the country in which it originates b) the direction it is blowing c) the direction it originates from d)
the angle of the sun is most direct at
a) the equator b) the arctic c) antartica d)
weather cells do not
a) act as heat pumps b) redistribute 2/3 of the equitorial heat c) are driven by evaporation and sunlight d) control communication in bad weather
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