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What American Indian langauage was spoken in the Coastal Plain (Tidewater)?
a) Siouan b) Algonquian c) Iroquoian d) English
In which region was Iroquoian spoken?
a) Piedmont b) Blue Ridge Mountains c) Coastal Plain (Tidewater) d) Southwest Virginia and Southern Virginia near North Carolina
In which region was Siouan spoken?
a) Appalachian Plateau b) Valley and Ridge c) Piedmont d) Blue Ridge Mountains
What language was spoken by the Powhatan?
a) Algonquian b) Siouan c) English d) Iroquoian
What language was spoken by the Cherokee?
a) Algonquian b) Siouan c) English d) Iroquoian
What language was spoken by the Monacan?
a) Algonquian b) Siouan c) English d) Iroquoian
What current state-recognized American Indian tribe is located in the Piedmont region?
a) Mattaponi b) Chikahominy c) Monacan d) Nansemond
What region of Virginia are the Chickahominy, Eastern,Chickahominy,Mattaponi,Nansemond, Pamunkey,Rappahannock, and Upper Mattaponi state-recognized American Indian tribes located?
a) Piedmont b) Valley and Ridge c) Coastal Plain (Tidewater) d) Appalachian Plateau
Where do the American Indians, who can trace their family history back to before 1607, continue to live today in Virginia?
a) Valley and Ridge b) In all areas of Virginia c) Near North Carolina d) At the Fall Line
How many American Indian tribes are recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia today?
a) 6 b) 9 c) 4 d) 8
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