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The smallest unit of structure and function in a living thing is called
a) tissue b) organ c) organ system d) Cell
A tissue is a group of similar________ working together
a) tissues b) cells c) food d) organism
An organ is a group of different__________working together
a) tissues b) cell c) organ system d) food
A group of different tissues working together to do a spcecial job is called
a) organism b) cell c) organ d) tissue
Your heart and lungs are examples of an
a) organ system b) cells c) tissues d) organs
many organs working together to do a special job form an
a) organ b) organ system c) oxyen d) cells
The job of the circulatory system is to bring ________ to all cells in the body
a) food b) cells c) tissues d) stuff
The job of the circulatory system is to bring ________ to all cells in the body
a) cells b) oxygen c) blood d) tissue
A living thing that carries out its owen life activities is called an
a) Human being b) organ system c) organism d) alien
All the organ system work together to allow the _________ to live
a) tissue b) human being c) organism d) organ system
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