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proportional distribution of congressional seats among the states
a) gerrymandering b) caucus c) apportionment d) mace
drawing boundaries so as to puroposely favor the party in power
a) gerrymandering b) pro tempore c) caucus d) majority party
three leadership positions required in Congress by the Constitution
a) no leadership positions are required by the Constitution b) Speaker of the House, president of the Senate, president pro tempore c) Speaker of the Senate, president of the Senate, president pro tempore d) Speaker of the House, president of the House, president pro tempore
A private meeting of politcal party members to decide on policy or to choose candidates
a) quorum b) Committee c) Caucus d) Senate Hearings
an attemp to kill a bill by stalling the vote it
a) Committee meeting b) filibuster c) Committee of the Whole d) override
the congressional monitoring of the bureaucracy to make sure that the laws are being faithfully executed
a) impeachment b) veto c) override d) oversight
Which of the following is not a power of Congress?
a) regulate commerce b) punish counterfeiters of coin and securites c) passing ex post facto laws d) declare war
Which of the following is a power of Congress?
a) suspending the writ of habeas corpus b) laying a capitation (head) tax or other direct tax c) granting titles of nobility d) call forth the militia and provide for its organization, arming, and discipline
legislative powers which are not specifically stated in the Constitution
a) expressed powers b) implied powers c) preemption powers d) all congressional powers are listed in the Constitution
another name for the necessary and proper clause
a) elastic clause b) rubberband clause c) legislative veto d) expressed powers
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