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impressive credentials
a) strong muscles b) evidence of authority c) strongly held beliefs d) specialized skills
morbid interest
a) healthy b) gruesome c) normal d) excessive
cumbersome loads
a) unwieldy b) light c) compact d) manageable
to be the plaintiff
a) a judge b) lawyer c) complainant d) a juror
tha genial person
a) smart b) awkward c) ordinary d) friendly
her prospective inheritance
a) large b) expected c) property d) small
to plan a hoax
a) trick b) meeting c) speech d) party
the needed quorum
a) number of quotations b) types of people c) number of members d) number of reports
accused of larcency
a) theft b) murder c) gambling d) sleeping
the superfluous amount
a) measured b) excessive c) random d) necessary
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