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Who was the Greatest Sunday School Missionary?
a) Stephen Paxson b) c) d)
Who went looking for gold and found a pass over the Rocky Mountains?
a) James Beckwourth b) c) d)
Who took the United States into war with England?
a) President James Madison b) c) d)
Who did not keep a treaty with the Cherokee?
a) United States Government b) c) d)
What is the main subject of The Star Spangled Banner
a) the hope that the American flag would be still flying over Fort McHenry b) c) d)
What war ended with a treaty?
a) War of 1812 b) c) d)
What group of people followed Joseph Smith, the man who said an angel gave him some teachings to add to the Bible?
a) Mormons b) c) d)
Where did many of Joseph Smith\'s followers live?
a) Utah b) c) d)
What was the name given to the difficult westward journey by the Cherokee Indians?
a) Trail of Tears b) c) d)
What were the fory niners looking for?
a) gold b) c) d)
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