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Church known for its use of the Greeek liturgy
a) Gentile b) Roman Catholic c) Eastern Orthodox d) Western Orthodox
Known for his law code based on Christianity
a) Justinian I b) Draco c) Jerome d) Hammurabi
Council which rejected the teaching of Arianism, a false doctrine which denied the deity of Christ
a) Chalcedon b) Constantinople c) Nicaea d) Ephesus
Made Christianity the only legal religion of the Roman Empire
a) Valerian b) Nero c) Theodosius I d) Constantine I
Extended legal protection and recognition to Christians throughout the empire with the Edict of Milan
a) Nero b) Constantine I c) Valerian d) Aurelian
Early church father who declared The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church
a) Apostle Peter b) Blandina c) Justin Martyr d) Tertullian
Wrote the Lation Vulgate (common vernacular)
a) Jerome b) Ambrose c) Augustine d) Origen
Wrote City of God the first systematic Christian philosophy of history
a) Origen b) Jerome c) Augustine d) Irenaeus
Two Byzantine missionaries
a) Mohammed II and Constantine XI b) Basil I and Basil II c) Cyril and Methodius d) Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter
Conquered Byzantium
a) Ottomans b) Slavs c) Seljuk Turks d) Persians
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