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What is the most logical order of food from producers to consumers below?
a) mouse, nut, sun, owl b) sun, nut, mouse, owl c) sun, owl, mouse, nut d) owl, sun, nut, mouse
What example below would be parisitism?
a) Dog and cat b) Water and land c) tick and dog d) clownfish and anemone
what example from below would be mutualism?
a) Happy Birthday b) Clownfish and anemone c) tick and dog d) water and land
Whic from below would be a list of abiotic factors?
a) rock, grass, cat, mouse b) rock, oil, fire, cement c) brick, metal, lava, water d) mice, people, cat, trees
What from below is a biotic factor?
a) Rock b) cat c) brick d) metal
What from below is a prouducer?
a) Owl b) Rock c) Grass d) brick
What from below is the source of all energy?
a) Sun b) You c) A rock d) $$$
a) a b) c) d)
a) a b) c) d)
a) a b) c) d)
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