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term for image destroyer
a) iconoclast b) acropolis c) apologist d) plebeian
defenders of Christian faith
a) oligarchy b) patrician c) plebeian d) apologist
a) proselytes b) apologist c) patrician d) apostles
men appointed to carry out God's work
a) proselytes b) apostles c) martyr d) catacombs
underground tunnels
a) acropolis b) catacombs c) apologist d) iconoclast
Anointed One
a) Herod the Great b) Jews c) Messiah d) Nero
Greek term for witness when in the face of torture or death
a) synagogues b) proselytes c) Gentile d) martyrs
Emperor during the first major persecution of Christians by the Romas
a) Trajan b) Polycarp c) Nero d) Domitian
Slave girl who was tortured from morning until night
a) Blandina b) Ignatius c) Polycarp d) Tertullian
Initiated the tenth and greatest persecution
a) Nero b) Valerian c) Septimius Severus d) Diocletian
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