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Which of these describes a pharoah?
a) Egyptian Kings b) Slaves c) Dogs d) Presidents
What was the purpose of heiroglyphs?
a) To start computers b) An instrument to play sports with c) A type of writing and art that identifies a people, their ideas, and goods d) A cave that houses food
Which of these are are a group of people who lived in Egypt?
a) Egyptians b) Berbers c) Bedouins d) All of the above
Which of these groups are nomadic herders who travel throughout deserts of Egypt and Southwest Asia?
a) Egyptians b) Berders c) Pharoahs d) Bedouins
Which of these is NOT a country of North Africa?
a) Morroco b) Algeria c) Afghanistan d) Egypt
What does the word Sahara mean in Arabic?
a) Ocean b) Mountain c) Tree d) Desert
What are the great "seas" of sand dunes that stretch across the sahara called?
a) Fish b) Ergs c) Depressions d) Crops
What are the broad, windswept gravel plains of the Sahara called?
a) Ergs b) Silt c) Regs d) Depression
What are the very low areas of the Sahara known as?
a) Ergs b) Regs c) Silt d) Depressions
Which of these is a finely ground soil that is good for growing crops?
a) Ergs b) Regs c) Silt d) Depression
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