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The living part of the environment are:
a) abiotic factors b) niche c) producers d) biotic factors
The organisms that make their own food are:
a) producers b) abiotic factors c) biotic factors d) consumers
The nonliving parts of an environment are:
a) abiotic factors b) niches c) producers d) biotic factors
The role an organism plays in an ecosystem is its:
a) habitat b) food chain c) niche d) population
A ________ starts with a producer and ends with a consumer.
a) niche b) food chain c) population d) habitat
All the ecosystems on Earth are powered by _____.
a) fossil fuel b) trophic levels c) sunlight d) producers
Animals rely on _____ for food and oxygen.
a) primary consumers b) sunlight c) secondary consumers d) producers
A(n) _____ shows many connected feeding relationships in an ecosystem.
a) energy pyramid b) producer c) food web d) food chain
As energy is transferred from one trophic level to the next, energy _____.
a) decreases b) stays the same. c) increases d) doubles
Which is NOT a way that prey defends itself against predators?
a) camouflage b) warning coloration c) stalking d) mimicry
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