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What type of system is the American Political System
a) Two-party system b) one-party system c) multi-party system d) Three-party system
Political parties appeal to the
a) far left b) extreme positions c) polticial center d) far right
What is the role of third parties?
a) to win major elections b) to write editorials c) to identify candidates d) introduce new ideas
A party platform
a) states the party\'s position on issues b) is where candidates give thir acceptence speech. c) monitors the action of office holders d) is where they nominate their candidate for office
The two major parties are the
a) republicans and Bull Moose party b) Reform party and Bull Moose party c) republicans and democrats d) democrats and Green Party
All of the following are functions of political parties EXCEPT
a) nominate candidates b) write editorials c) monitor actions of officeholders d) help candidates win elections
All of the following are true of the two major political parties EXCEPT
a) organize to win elections b) reflect both liberal and conservatives views c) influence public policy d) rarely win elections
What gives citizens an opportunity to participate in the political process?
a) political parties b) schools c) electoral college d) media
The political personality behind the Bull Moose party was
a) Franklin Roosevelt b) Theodore Roosevelt c) Ross Perot d) Ralph Nader
Poliitcal Parties try to win elections so that they can
a) influence public policy b) identify propaganda c) detect bias d) broadcast different points of view
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