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What property of Matter is measured in grams?
a) volume b) denisty c) mass d) boiling point
The amount of space something takes up is called
a) volume b) density c) mass d) boiling point
Weight is measured using
a) a balance b) graduated cylinder c) a spring scale d) meter stick
What is the correct formula for denisty
a) denisty = mass/volume b) density = volume/weight c) density = mass + newtons/volume d) density = 2 * (L + W)
Which common material is the most dense
a) Lead b) Gold c) Rubber d) Water
Which is not a physical property.
a) conductivity b) ductility c) combustibility d) solubility
What substance is being described....Physical Property: malleable Chemical Property: combines with oxygen to form rust
a) Wood b) Copper c) Water d) iron
What substance is being described....Physical Property: does not conduct electrity Chemical Property: flammable
a) Wood b) Water c) Copper d) Iron
In the density lab we had in class, what order did the 3 liquids separate. (list bottom to top)
a) water, corn syrup, oil b) corn syrup, oil, water c) oil, corn syrup, water d) corn syrup, water, oil
Zinc metal is a shiny solid that burns with a blue flame. Which property is a physical property?
a) shiny solid b) blue flame c) metal d) nose hairs
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