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In Babylon, who is the statue of that John sees in the Place of the Gods?
a) Abraham Lincoln b) Thomas Jefferson c) George Washington d) John Adams
A Doll's House: what piece of Lil's clothing looked looked like an old lady's clothing?
a) an old scarf b) a hat c) a cardigan d) a pair of gloves
An episode that interrupts the action of the story's plot to show an experience that happened at an earlier time is a(n)
a) flashback b) foreshadow c) interlude d) gap
Home of Future: Georgia Tech is developing a kitchen with cameras mounted under cabinets to...
a) watch for roaches or mice that might be roaming around b) to make lists of ingredients that the owner needs to get at the store c) to film a person's hands as they mix ingredients d) to alert owner when small children enter kitchen and start going through drawers
Doll's House: what is Else Kelvey's response to seeing the doll's house?
a) deep embarrassment b) complete disinterest c) sad disappointment d) absolute amazement
Babylon: As he travels, John shows that he is both
a) aggressive and cautious b) humble and sly c) superstitious and brave d) thoughtful and reckless
There Will Come Soft Rains: the only thing that remains of the family of the house are...
a) their teeth b) their silhouettes c) their shoes in the yard d) their hair
Babylon: what city is the Place of the Gods?
a) Atlanta b) San Diego c) Boston d) New York
The Doll's House: what's the name of the woman that gave the girls the doll house?
a) Mrs. May b) Mrs. Beryl c) Mrs. Hay d) Mrs. Taylor
The message that an author is trying to convey through a story is called a(n)
a) theme b) declaration c) anecdote d) subject
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