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Which group of Native Americans used trees to make canoes and totem poles?
a) Northwest Coast-Makahs b) Plains Indians-Cherokee c) Southwest-Hopi d) Southeast-Seminoles
Deer-hide leggings were worn to protect legs from the sharp saw grass by the Native Americans of the
a) Southeast (Seminoles) b) Plains Indians (Cherokee) c) Desert Southwest (Hopis) d) Eastern Woodlands (Iroquois)
The Eastern Woodland Indians built homes called
a) wigwams b) tepees c) pueblos d) chickee
The buffalo was a sacred animal to which group of Native Americans?
a) Plains Indians b) Eastern Woodlands c) California-Intermountain d) Northwest Coast
Large rivers provided water for the Indians of the
a) Plateau region b) Great Plains c) Desert Southwest d) Southeast
Homes made of adobe and stone were called
a) pueblos b) chickees c) tepees d) wigwams
The Pomos of the California-Intermountain used clamshells from
a) the ocean b) desert c) plains d) swamps
Groups that move from place to place are
a) nomadic b) Seminole Indians c) wigwams d) totem poles
Artifacts are
a) objects that we are able to study to show us how people lived b) objects made and used by people c) objects we can see in a museum d) all of these answers
Chickees are homes that
a) all of these answers b) were made by Indians of the Southeast c) built on a platform d) no walls so a breeze can blow through the structure
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