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For years, people have given names to their pets. (What is the verb phrase?)
a) for years b) have given c) to their pets d)
Our dog is named Groucho. (What is the verb phrase?)
a) is named b) our dog c) Groucho d)
Pets can perform wonderful tricks. (What is the verb phrase?)
a) wonderful tricks b) pets c) can perform d)
The Willow Equine Rescue Barn has been helping horses in need. (main, or action, verb)
a) has been b) helping c) horses d)
Some of the horses there are suffering from injuries. (main, or action, verb)
a) suffering b) are c) injuries d)
A few were mistreated by their owners. (main, or action, verb)
a) were b) few c) mistreated d)
Horses should be provided with the right food. (helping verb)
a) should be b) provided c) food d)
This horse will need medicine, care, and the right diet. (helping verb)
a) need b) will c) this d)
They can brush the horses' coats. (helping verb)
a) brush b) they c) can d)
A veterinarian is examining the new arrivals. (helping verb)
a) is b) veterinarian c) examining d)
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