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Singing storytellers
a) Bards b) aristocrats c) oligarchy d) phalanx
Members of nobility or the upper class
a) mercenary b) aristocrat c) tyrant d) bard
Person who siezed power and established one man rule
a) tyrant b) phalanx c) citizen d) labyrinth
Art of public speaking
a) symposium b) polis c) constitution d) rhetoric
form of govenment in which a small group hold power
a) oligarchy b) democracy c) tyranny d) mercenary
form of government in which the citizens hold the power
a) democracy b) oligarchy c) tyranny d) mercenary
Plan of government
a) phalanx b) constitution c) tyrant d) rhetoric
City state in ancient Greec
a) polis b) tyrant c) aristocrat d) symposium
Complex confusing series of mazes
a) bard b) citizen c) labyrinth d) rhetoric
Soldier who serves a foreign country for pay
a) mercenary b) symosium c) bard d) tyrant
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