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The raio of the change in y-values to the change in x-values is called:
a) the x-intercept b) the y-intercept c) an ordered pair d) the slope
A horizontal line has a slope with a value that is:
a) zero b) undefined c) positive d) negative
Standard form for a linear equation is:
a) y=mx + b b) Ax + By = C c) Y - Y1 / X - X1 d) y=x
The place where the linear function crosses the x-axis is:
a) always zero b) the y-intercept c) the x-intercept d) always positive
In the linear equation Ax+By=C:
a) b) A and B both have to be positive c) A and B can't both be zero d) C can never be negative
In the equation y=mx+b, the variables that represent constants are:
a) m and b b) y and b c) x and y d) x and m
If a line has an undefined slope:
a) It is a horizontal line and a linear function b) it is a horizontal line, but NOT a linear function c) it is a vertical line and is NOT a linear function d) it is a vertical line and a linear function
To place the equation 6y = -2x + 5 into standard form, you would:
a) add 2x to both sides b) subtract 5 from both sides c) divide both sides by 2 d) subtract 6y from both sides
If a line has a slope of -2, the line would be:
a) going uphill from left to right b) going downhill from left to right c) a straight horizontal line d) a straight vertical line
In the equation y= 3x+5, the y-intercept is:
a) found by dividing 5 by 3 b) found by dividing 3 by 5 c) is 3 d) is 5
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