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Madeleine Bordallo is Guam's ___________ to the U.S. House of Representatives.
a) delegate b) era c) candidate d) frank
I'm going to be __________. I don't like your shirt.
a) candidate b) frank c) abstract d) concrete
F. Scott Fitzgerald called the new _______ the Jazz Age. It lasted through the 1930s.
a) candidate b) delegate c) era d)
To be _______, this food is terrible.
a) candid b) candidate c) delegate d) concrete
Who is our team's __________ for class president?
a) candidate b) delegate c) concrete d) guy
The Cenozoic ______ began 70 million years ago. It is our current geological time period.
a) delegate b) holiday c) era d) frank
Which is correct?
a) tangible b) tangable c) tagible d) tagable
Which of the following is correct?
a) abtract b) abstract c) astrat d) abstrat
Which of the folllowing is correct?
a) concrete b) concreet c) concret d)
Her dreams were not realized. They were still ______ in her mind.
a) tangible b) intangible c) candid d) frank
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