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The layer of the earth below the crust. It has a solid state with liquid properties. It is composed of iron, silicon, and magnesium.
a) Lithosphere b) Inner Core c) Biosphere d) Mantle
This layer is more dense and thinner than the Continental Crust.
a) Mantle b) Oceanic Crust c) Pizza Crust d) Asthenosphere
The __________________ ___________________________ suggests that about 4.6 billion years ago a cloud of dust and gas was rotating slowly in space.
a) Solar System b) Time Meridian c) Nebular Hypothesis d) Educated Guess
This layer of Earth is in the center of the Earth. It is solid, and the hottest layer. It is comprised of iron and nickel.
a) Mantle b) Inner Core c) Cheesy Layer d) Outer Core
Another name for lithospher, this layer is solid and comprised of lighter rocks.
a) Crust b) The Moon c) Asthenosphere d) Mantle
This type of wave passes only passes through solid materials.
a) P Waves b) Ocean Waves c) S Waves d) Student's Waving
Earth completes one rotation around its axis every
a) Class period b) Month c) Year d) 24 hours
Earth turns faster at the _______________ than at the ________________
a) Equator // Poles b) Mall // School c) Inner Core // Crust d) Poles // Equator
How do you measure volume using a graduated cylinder?
a) Ask Mr. House how to do it (because he will tell you) b) Mass divided by Density c) Calculate displacement using water and subtraction. d) Multiply the density and mass together
This layer of Earth is the 2nd closest to the center. It is a liquid comprised of nickel and iron.
a) The Inner Core b) The Outer Core c) The Lithosphere d) Mr. C's Kingdom
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