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Name the 3 types of rocks
a) Sedimentary, Metamorphic, Igneous b) color, luster, streak c) Sandstone, quartzite, granite d) Magma, Sediment, melted lava
Which rock type is made from heating and cooling?
a) metamorphic b) lava c) igneous d) sedimentary
When granite has heat and pressure applied to it, it forms what?
a) slate b) gneiss c) quartzite d) marble
What type of rock is made from the cementing and compactation of sediment?
a) Igneous b) Metamorphic c) sediment d) sedimentary
When heat and pressure is applied to a rock it will turn into this type of rock
a) metamorphic b) sedimentary c) igneous d) magma
Igneous rocks that haev largecyrstals are called
a) chemical rocks b) foliated rock c) intrusive rock d) extrusive rock
When preforming a streak test you must use what?
a) unglazed porcelian b) glazed tile c) stone d) glass
The way light reflects off of a rock is called its what?
a) shine b) mirror c) shimmer d) luster
Which of teh following is not a special property?
a) color b) magnetism c) florencence d) taste
When a mineral splits on flat even surfaces it is called
a) cleavage b) fracture c) break d) split
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