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Ecology is the study of interactions between_____
a) living and nonliving things in an area b) the animal groups in an area c) the nonliving things in an area d) the plants and animals in an area
The portion of Earth that supports that existence of living thngs is the ____
a) biosphere b) ecosystem c) habitat d) niche
Which is a biotic factor that might affect the life of a water-dwelling organism?
a) bacterial pollution in water b) temperature of the water c) speed of water current d) pollutants in water
Which process in the water cycle returns water to Earth's surface?
a) precipitation b) evaporation c) runoff d) transpiration
During the carbon cycle, in what form are carbon atoms generally returned to the atmosphere?
a) carbon dioxide b) simple sugars c) carbon monoxide d) methane
Which is not a pathway by which plants obtain nitrogen in usable form?
a) photosynthesis b) chemical fertilizers c) lightning d) symbiotic bacteria
In which type of ecological relationship do two organisms benefit from living together?
a) mutualism b) commensalism c) competition d) parasitism
In the nitrogen cycle, nitrogen is continuously recycled. Which types of organisms break down nitrogen compounds in dead organisms and recycle them into the soil?
a) bacteria b) autotrophs c) green plants d) herbivores
Eating a sweet potato can provide energy for human metabolic processes. What is the original source of this energy?
a) light energy transformed by photosynthesis b) protein molecules stored in the potato c) starch molecules absorbed by the potato d) vitamins and minerals from the soil
What is released at each level of a pyramid of energy?
a) heat b) animals c) decomposers d) plants
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