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The smallest classification group
a) kingdom b) species c) cell d)
I no longer live on earth. What am I?
a) a runaway b) alive c) extinct d)
An underdeveloped plant or animal
a) fossil b) embryo c) cell d) consumer
I am evidence that an organism lived in the past. What am I?
a) fossil b) embryo c) cell d) organism
The living part of an ecosystem
a) cell b) population c) habitat d) community
The smallest unit of living matter
a) cell b) embryo c) fossil d) ants
I am a plant. What do I have that allows me to make my own food
a) cytoplasm b) nucleus c) chloroplast d)
A characteristic of a living thing
a) trait b) species c) cell d) organism
Breaks down waste and the remains of other organisms
a) consumer b) producer c) fossil d) decomposer
Uses food that producers make
a) consumer b) producer c) fossil d) embryo
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