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Which of the following must be true for something to be considered a mineral?
a) Definite chemical composition b) Naturally occurring c) Inorganic solid d) All answers are correct
Which of the following is a way in which minerals are formed?
a) Crystallization from magma b) Changes in pressure and temperature c) Hydrothermal solutions d) All answers are correct
True or false: Silcates are the most common mineral group.
a) True b) False c) d)
Color of a mineral in its powdered form.
a) hardness b) luster c) streak d) fracture
Diamond is the _____________ mineral.
a) Softest b) Hardest c) Prettiest d) Coolest
Minerals that do not have cleavage do which of the following instead?
a) Fracture b) Luster c) Streak d) Color
Ratio of an object's mass to volume; very helpful when identifying minerals.
a) Hardness b) Streak c) Density d) Cleavage
Color not the best property to look at when identifying minerals because one mineral could come in many different colors.
a) True b) False c) d)
Used to describe how light is reflected from the surface of a mineral.
a) Luster b) Streak c) Cleavage d) Density
Which of the following would be the most helpful when trying to identify a mineral?
a) Density b) Color c) Luster d) Cleavage
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