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Your thumb is approximately how wide?
a) 3 millimeters b) 3 centimeters c) 3 meters d) 3 kilometers
Ms. Zelman wants to know if different brands of running shoes affect how fast she can run. What is the dependent variable?
a) brand b) distance c) Ms. Zelman d) speed
Which is the horizontal axis on a graph called?
a) control variable b) x-axis c) y-axis d) variable axis
Which is NOT a characteristic of a testable question?
a) It can be answered by an experiment b) It does not start with \ c) It is not an opinion d) It can be answered by searching the internet
Using one or more of your senses to gather information is called
a) observing b) classifying c) predicting d) inferring
Explaining or interpreting the things you observe based on reasoning from what you know is called
a) observing b) classifying c) predicting d) inferring
Which of the following is an appropriate metric unit for volume?
a) pints b) quarts c) gallons d) liters
Which is an appropriate metric unit for length/distance?
a) feet b) milliliters c) meters d) inches
Which is the appropriate instrument for measuring mass?
a) speedometer b) thermometer c) graduated cylinder d) triple beam balance
What is an independent variable?
a) the effect b) the cause c) the experiment d) the control
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