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resources on Earth that cannot be replaced
a) renewable resources b) nonrenewable resources c) solar power d)
the place where two air masses of different temperatures meet
a) solar power b) front c) prevailing winds d) nonrenewable resources
winds that blow in the same direction over large areas of Earth
a) prevailing winds b) solar power c) front d) renewable resources
resources that Earth replaces naturally
a) prevailing winds b) front c) solar power d) renewable resources
power generated by heat from the sun
a) front b) prevailing winds c) renewable resources d) solar power
the clearing of trees
a) reforestation b) deforestation c) front d)
planting of trees to replace lost forestland
a) deforestation b) front c) reforestation d)
any materials in nature that people use and value
a) fossil fuels b) natural resource c) reforestation d)
power generated by falling water is ...
a) deforestation b) hydroelectric power c) fossil fuels d)
Which of the following is not a CON of wind power
a) renewable b) expensive c) only works when windy d) requires turbines and lots of land
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