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mountains can influence an area\'s climate by affecting both temperature and _______.
a) wind b) precipitation c) sunlight d) latitude
When air warms it __________.
a) sinks b) stays still c) blows d) rises
wind and watter carry ________ from place to place
a) Heat b) c) movement d) air
In general, the higher the latitude, the __________ the climate.
a) warmer b) crazier c) colder d) wetter
Solar rays are more direct and concentrated near the ______________.
a) equator b) Earth c) continents d) poles
The part of Earth tilted toward the sun receives more _____________ than the part tilted away from the sun.
a) wind b) oxygen c) solar energy d) climate
The reasons that some locations receive different amounts of sunlight are tilt, movement and ________.
a) shape b) wind c) climate d) weather
which is not a factor that affects weather and climate
a) sun b) tilt c) mountains d) location
average weather conditions over a long period of time
a) climate b) sunlight c) humidity d) weather
the short term changes in the air for a given place and time
a) climate b) sunlight c) humidity d) weather
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