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The hottest layer of earth is the:
a) crust b) mantle c) outer core d) inner core
If most layers of earth are solid, this layer is the oddball because it is a liquid:
a) cust b) mantle c) outer core d) inner core
This layer of earth is the layer with the most mass, takes up the most space, or thickest..
a) crust b) mantle c) outer core d) inner core
This layer of earth has oceanic and continental ________, it is thinnest and the coolest
a) crust b) outer core c) inner core d) mantle
The crust and upper mantle is known as the:_________
a) asthenosphere b) lithosphere c) molten mantle d) none of these
Which of the following describes the inner core:
a) low pressure but highest density b) highest pressure but low density c) under the most pressure, most dense d) none of these
Which layer of earth is weak and bendable, that plates float along...lower mantle..
a) asthenosphere b) lithosphere c) inner core d) outer core
The crust of the earth is mostly made of ___________ rock.
a) igneous b) sedimentary c) metamorphic d) none of these
Oceanic crust is made of ____________, continental crust is made of________
a) granite, basalt b) basalt, granite c) marble, slate d) magma, lava
How do scientist know about the interior of the earth?
a) they have been to the center of the earth b) they have read many cool books about it c) they have studied seismic earthquake waves d) none of these
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