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The____________ built an island city with bridges and causeways.
a) Aztec b) Anasazi c) Maya d) Mound Builders
The ________ were called People of the Sun.
a) Mound Builders b) Anasazi c) Maya d) Aztec
The _______ built an island city with bridges and causeways.
a) Maya b) Aztec c) Anasazi d) Mound Builders
The _______ used symbols in place of written words.
a) Anasazi b) Aztec c) Maya d) Mound Builders
The _______ built apartment-style villages beneath cliffs.
a) the Mound Builders b) Aztec c) Maya d) Anasazi
The ______ built monuments to ask their gods for success in war and for a good harvest.
a) Aztec b) Maya c) Anasazi d) the Mound Builders
The Anasazi lived in the _________ region of the U.S.
a) southeast b) southwest c) northwest d) northeast
______ was an ancient Mayan city.
a) Tikal b) Tenochtitlan c) Hogsmeade d) Hogwarts
The Aztec capital city was __________.
a) Pueblo Bonito b) Mesa Verde c) Tikal d) Tenochtitlan
Four Corners is a place where the borders of which states meet?
a) Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah b) Colorado, Mexico, Arizona, Utah c) Colorado, New Mexico, California, Utah d) Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho
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