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The group used to compare is called?
a) Controll group b) c) d)
What changes because of the independent variable.
a) Dependent Variable b) c) d)
Is the length of a worm a quantitative or qualitative statement?
a) Quantitative b) c) d)
An educated guess about what you think will happen in an experiment.
a) Hypothesis b) c) d)
What is the variable that you change?
a) Independent Variable b) c) d)
What is the next step after you create a hypothesis?
a) Experiment b) c) d)
What are the things in an experiment that do not change?
a) Constants b) c) d)
What is the next step in the Scientific Method after experimenting?
a) Record data b) c) d)
Jerry wants to know if fertilizer will help his plants produce more fruit. Which step of the scientific method is this?
a) Think of an idea. b) Form a question. c) d)
How many trials makes a fair experiment?
a) Three b) c) d)
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