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Horizontal menu that appears on top of window and provides a selection of options related to WWW
a) Status Bar b) Title Bar c) Menu Bar d) Scroll Bar
Contains the name of the document
a) Title Bar b) Menu Bar c) Status Bar d) Tool Bar
Small picture in upper right corner of browser; when animated browser is accessing data
a) Scroll Bar b) Address Bar c) Go Button d) Access Indicator
Connects you to the address displayed in address bar.
a) Go Button b) Address Bar c) Access Indicator d) Tool Bar
Vertical and horizontal scroll bars let you see data displayed on web page that is too long or wide to fit within screen
a) Horizontal Bar b) Address Bar c) Status Bar d) Scroll Bar
Located at bottom of browser, shows the progress of web page transactions.
a) Scroll Bar b) Status Bar c) Browser d) Address Bar
Contains the URL or address of the active web page you visit.
a) Title Bar b) Menu Bar c) Address Bar d) Tool bar
Icons for single-click access to most used menu commands.
a) Tool bar b) Scroll bar c) Status Bar d) Address Bar
Software program that is used to retrieve documents from the www and display in readable format.
a) Firewall b) Public domain c) Security software d) Browser
What is the original name for the Internet?
a) Department of Defense b) Mosaic c) ARPARNET d) Information Superhighway
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