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Logical explanation of events that occur in nature?
a) experiment b) law c) theory d) conclusion
What units would a river most likely be measured in?
a) millimeters b) centimeters c) meters d) kilometers
The amount of liquid in a drinking glass would be mesured in what units?
a) millimeters b) centimeters c) liters d) grams
100ْ degrees Celsius is the boiling point of water at
a) Grove City b) Denver c) Sea Level d) Mt. Everest
The branch of physical science that deals with matter and how it may change is?
a) Physics b) biology c) Chemistry d) geology
Goggles and aprons should be worn when
a) using chemicals b) working with fire c) working with chemicals and fire d) never
A cubic centimeter is a measure of
a) length b) weight c) volume d) mass
Asking the Question “Does sunlight help plants grow?” is an example of
a) forming a hypothesis b) making observations c) stating a conclusion d) performing an experiment
The scientific method
a) is an approach to problem solving that always results in a correct answer b) is a systematic approach to problem solving c) is used by everyone who tries to solve a problem. d) of problem solving starts with a conclusion
Mass is best defined as the
a) size of an object b) amount of matter in an object c) density of an object d) weight of an object
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