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Define mass...
a) The amount of matter in an object b) How much something weighs c) The amount of space something takes up d) How heavy something feels
What tool is used to measure mass?
a) graduted cylinder b) triple beam balance c) thermometer d) meter stick
What is the base unit for mass?
a) grams b) meter c) liter d) kilometer
Define volume...
a) The amount of space that something takes up b) The amount of matter in something c) How much something weighs d) How wide something is
What tool is used to measure volume?
a) thermometer b) graduated cylinder c) triple beam balance d) meter stick
What is the base unit for volume?
a) meter b) liter c) gram d) kilogram
Define matter...
a) Anything with mass and volume b) Anything that takes up space c) Anything that you can see d) Anything that you can touch
What temperature scale to we use in science class?
a) Celsius b) Fahrenheit c) Kelvin d) None of the above
What system of measurement do we use in science class?
a) The Metric System b) The English System c) Inches, Kilometers, Miles d) Yards, Feet, and Meters
What tool is used to measure length?
a) thermometer b) meter stick c) graduated cylinder d) triple beam balance
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