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What is data?
a) Information without meaning b) Information without feeding c) Information without feelings d) Tomorrow
Which of these is NOT a method of gathering data?
a) Hard disk b) chip and pin c) magnetic strip d) bar code
State 2 types of data a cell might contain.
a) formula b) fish c) prisoners d) salt
One type of processing that can be carried out on data is aggregating. what is this
a) summarising b) searching c) sorting d) rearranging
(b) Which storage medium would be best to use if you want to transfer data between work and home?
a) USB b) BUS c) UBS d) SUB
Which is not a knowledge worker?
a) Doctor b) Builder c) Nurse d) Lawyer
What is a hacker?
a) Someone who builds roads b) Someone who steals or corrupts peoples computers c) Someone who creates webpages d) Someone who manages projects
What year was the CMA?
a) 1990 b) 1989 c) 1988 d) 1991
Which is covered by health and safety act?
a) seating b) running c) jumping d) walking
Which is not a word processing operation?
a) character b) word c) cell d) file
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