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When did Capitan James Cook arrive on the west coast of Australia?
a) 1885 b) 1650 c) 1735 d) 1725
When was the Federal Council of Australia formed?
a) 1990 b) 1890 c) 1790 d) 1842
What occured in 1851?
a) The gold rush began b) The national anthem was written c) Tasmania was discovered d) Harry Potter found the Philosopher's stone
Abel Tasman discoverd Tasmania in which year?
a) 1856 b) 1875 c) 1760 d) 1899
When did Lord Hopetoun proclaim the Commonwealth of Australia?
a) 1999 b) 1871 c) 1901 d) 1925
What year did William Dampier arrive on the west coast of Australia?
a) 1500 b) 1688 c) 1629 d) 1710
When did the first fleet (under command of Arthur Phillip) arrive in Sydney?
a) 1652 b) 1755 c) 1888 d) 1788
What happend in 1872?
a) Tasmania was discovered b) Uluru was sighted by Europeans c) The first skyscraper was built d) Nothing
In which year were the last convicts transported to Australia?
a) 1975 b) 1812 c) 1868 d) 1768
The Commonwealth of Australia is defined as:
a) A big country b) Four States and Three Territories c) Home d) Two Territories and Six States
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