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An example of a sedimentary rock is
a) sandstone b) slate c) rock salt d) granite
How can a metamorphic rock turn into a sedimentary rock?
a) Through weathering and erosion, then deposition of sediments b) A metamorphic rock cannot turn into a sedimentary rock. c) Through heat and pressure d) Through melting, the volcanic activity of magma and lava
The types of sedimentary rocks are
a) extrusive, intrusive b) none of the above c) foliated, nonfoliated d) clastic, organic, chemical
Compaction is
a) the process that presses sediments together b) the process by which running water, wind, or ice carry away bits of broken-up rock. c) the process by which sediment settles out of the water or wind carrying it d) the process in which dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment together
Igneous rocks have traditionally been used
a) for tools and building materials b) for carving statues (like the Ancient Greeks) c) for turning into a powder for smelly feet d) for holding up the kitchen table
An intrusive rock
a) Forms inside of the Earth b) Forms from pressure c) Forms from sand d) Forms outside of the Earth
An example of an igneous rock is
a) Sandstone b) Slate c) Rock Salt d) Granite
An extrusive rock
a) Cools quickly b) Cools medium c) Doesn't cool at all d) Cools slowly
Which is a kind of rock that forms when heat and pressure change an existing rock?
a) sedimentary b) metamorphic c) inorganic d) igneous
What is the rock cycle?
a) Forces deep inside Eath and at the surface produce a cycle that builds, destroys and changes rocks b) All of these c) Different processes that act on the Earth's crust to create different rocks d) When one type of rock is changed into another rock
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