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The path one body makes as it circles around another
a) revolution b) axis c) rotation d) orbit
A complete turn
a) axis b) rotation c) revolution d) orbit
circular motion
a) rotation b) axis c) revolution d) orbit
An imaginary line through the Earth between the North and south poles around which Earth turns
a) axis b) orbit c) revolution d) rotation
The sphere of very hot metal at the center of Earth.
a) mantle b) plate c) crust d) core
A huge block of Earth\'s crust.
a) mantle b) plate c) crust d) core
A process that breaks rocks down into small pieces.
a) crust b) magma c) erosion d) weathering
The thick layer around the Earth\'s core.
a) core b) plate c) magma d) mantle
The removal of small pieces of rock by water, ice, or wind.
a) erosion b) rotation c) weathering d) magma
The thin, rocky layer on Earth's surface.
a) plate b) crust c) magma d) mantle
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