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The study of controversial issues and changing interpretations of the past as well as the chronology of events.
a) History b) Artifacts c) Inquiry driven lessons d) Primary source document
Teaching approach in which students grapple with significant problems by forming hypotheses and gathering data.
a) Inquiry driven lesson b) Jackdaw kits c) History d) Artifacts
Provides information which allows students to construct their own meanings about history without interpretation and bias of historians and other authors.
a) Primary source document b) Historical fiction c) Jackdaw kits d) Artifacts
May contain primary source documents and/or artifacts, relics, literature, and other activities related to a person or event.
a) Jackdaw kits b) Historical fiction c) Inquiry driven lesson d) History
Original or reproduction of items used by people from another time period to help pique student interest.
a) Artifacts b) Historical fiction c) Inquiry driven lesson d) History
Includes accurate facts and descriptions to help students picture life during another time period.
a) Historical fiction b) Primary source documents c) Jackdaw kits d) Artifacts
A decision-making process in which a student would weigh the benefits and costs of certain personal choices.
a) Cost-benefit analysis b) Scarcity c) Supply and demand d) Consumption
The sum total of goods available in the country.
a) GNP (Gross National Product) b) Supply and demand c) Scarcity d) Consumption
A rise in price usually related to a loss in the value of the currency.
a) Inflation b) Supply and demand c) Goods and services d) Depression
Economic condition in which employment, business, and stock market values severely decline.
a) Depression b) Scarcity c) Poverty d) Inflation
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