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4 kilograms = ? grams
a) (4kg/1) x (1000g/1kg) = 4,000g b) (4kg/1) x (1kg/1000g) = 4,000g c) (4g/1) x (1000g/1kg) = 4,000g d) (4g/1) x (1g/1000kg) = 4,000g
5 liters = ? milliliters
a) (5L/1) x (1L/1000mL) = 5,000mL b) (5L/1) x (1000mL/1L) = 5,000mL c) (5mL/1) x (1000L/1mL) = 5,000mL d) (5mL/1) x (1000mL/1L) = 5,000mL
150 meters = ? kilometers
a) (150m/1) x (m/1000km) = 0.15km b) (150km/1) x (1000m/1km) = 0.15km c) (150m/1) x (1km/1000m) = 0.15km d) (150m/1) x (1000m/km) = 0.15km
200 mg x _______ = 0.2g
a) 100mg/1g b) 1g/100mg c) 100mg/1g d) 1g/1000mg
500 mL x _______ = 0.5L
a) 1L/1000mL b) 100mL/1L c) 1L/100mL d) 1000mL/1L
1675m x _______ = 1.675km
a) 100m/1km b) 1000m/1km c) 1km/100m d) 1km/1000m
35cm = ? m
a) 350 b) 0.035 c) 0.35 d) 3.5
35mm = ? m
a) 35,000 b) 3,500 c) 0.35 d) 0.035
35kg = ? g
a) 3,500,000 b) 35,000 c) 3,500 d) 350
48hm = ? m
a) 4,800 b) 480 c) 4.8 d) 0.48
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