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Word describing the diameter of the individual strand
a) Texture b) density c) porosity d) moisture
These colours are a mixture of primary and secondary colours
a) Tertiary b) Secondary c) primary d) non of these
Naturally coloured hair that has grown when there is presence of artificial colours
a) Regrowth b) virgin c) high lghts d) temporary
Two primary colours mixed together
a) Secondary b) Red,yellow c) Tertiary d) Highlighted
Long lasting Hair colour product
a) Permanent b) High light tints c) semi permanent d) High lift tints
Tints that Lighten and tone in the one step
a) High light tints b) semi permanent c) tempoary d) non-lift
The black and brown pigments of the hair
a) Eumelanin b) permanent c) Melanin d) Pheomelanin
Hair where the cuticle layers are close but not tightly packed
a) Normal b) Resistant c) Porous d) Weak
Protecting your client’s clothing from any spillage or damage
a) Gowning b) wrapping c) cloating d) towelling
Light produced by an electric current passing through a tube which has been coated with powers
a) Fluorescent light b) sunlight c) Candescent light d) Moon Light
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