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The boys on the farm went to the pig pen.
a) The boys b) boys c) The boys on the farm d) farm
Our ice-cream melted by two o'clock this afternoon.
a) ice-cream b) melted c) two d) afternoon
We rode all the rides at Six Flags.
a) Six Flags b) We c) rode d) rides
Henderson, Kentucky has much to offer people that like sunshine.
a) has b) much c) people d) Henderson, Kentucky
There is a worm in my apple, I think.
a) There b) worm c) apple d) I
The class was terrified when the monster walked into the room.
a) The b) The class c) class d) monster
In the dream I had, fifteen iguanas were attacking my best friends.
a) dream b) I c) fifteen d) iguanas
The boat headed for Spain turned around for some mysterious reason.
a) The b) boat c) Spain d) reason
When asked a question, the silly professor just sang a song.
a) question b) a question c) professor d) song
In a market on the moon, all produce is half off.
a) market b) moon c) half d) produce
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