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What system of government was used during the Middle Ages
a) Feudal System b) Caste System c) Democracy d) Communism
What was the Renaissance?
a) The rebirth of great artists, thinkers, and inventors b) A cold war c) A war between Catholics and Hindus d) The Age of the Feudal System
Who started the Protestant Reformation?
a) Martin Luther b) Martin Luther King c) King James d) Pope John Paul
What is an indulgence?
a) The payment to the chruch for the forgiveness of sins b) To eat too much chocolate c) To give in to a kings wishes d) A peace treaty
Who/what was in control of the government before the Protestant Reformation?
a) The Catholic Chruch b) Muslims c) The city-states d) Napoleon
What is a centeralized government?
a) A government where law and order come from one place b) A government where people have the right to vote c) A monarchy d) A government where divine right rules
What was the main belief of the enlightenment?
a) All men are created equal and should have rights b) The development of important documents c) All men are unequal and should remain in a class system d) All men should dress in bright clothes
What was the Magna Carta?
a) A document that outlined democratic principals b) A holy book c) The belief of Christians d) The declaration of independence
What started the Puritan Revolution?
a) The behedding of King Charles b) The Pope c) A gun fight d) A conflict about land
What was the Glorious Revolution?
a) The handing over of power to Parliament without bloodshed b) The most beautiful day in history c) The bloodiest battle ever noted d) William and Mary killing all memember of Parliament
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