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The functional units of the kidneys are the
a) renal arteries b) glomeruli c) afferent arterioles d) nephrons
Intrinsic ARF is also called
a) Prerenal b) Intrarenal c) Postrenal d) Obstructive
Which condition predisposes a patient to prerenal AKF
a) Hypovolemia b) Kidney stones c) Pyelonephritis d) Benign prostatic hyperplasia
Postrenal AKF may be caused by
a) Acute tubualr necrosis b) Renal artery stenosis c) Glomerulonephritis d) Prostate cancer
The time between kidney injury and reduction in kidney function is the
a) Recovery phase b) Oliguric phase c) Diuretic phase d) Initial phase
The oliguric phase usually lasts
a) 12-72 hours b) 1-7 days c) 10-21 days d) 1-12 hours
Normalization of acid- base and electrolyte imbalances begins during the
a) Diruetic phase b) Recovery phase c) Initial phase d) Oliguric phase
In patients with hypovolemia, assess for
a) hypertension b) orthostatic hypotension c) JVD d) s3 on auscultation
Which is not appropriate when treating the patient in severe hyperkalemia?
a) Administer cation-ion exchange resins b) Administer insulin/dextrose/bicarb drug combo c) Administer insulin/bicarb drug combo d) Administer calcium to prevent dysrhythmias
Which is not a category of ARF?
a) Onset phase b) Prerenal c) Postrenal d) Intrinsic
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