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If a slice of pizza costs $5. How many slices of pizza can you buy with $150?
a) 20 slices b) 15 slice c) 10 slices d) 30 slices
How much would mother spend if she bought items for $66, and $86.50?
a) $152.50 b) $129.50 c) 52.50 d) $100
Shirley bought a juice for $86.50, a juice for her sister Sally for $79, 2 buns for $40. How much did she spend?
a) $285.50 b) $205.50 c) $305.50 d) $286
Miss Swaby bought 10 oranges, 1 doz. bananas, 3 breads and 6 eggs. How many items does she have in total?
a) 31 b) 21 c) 30 d) 11
You were given $350 for pocket money. If items you bought cost $50, $77, and $121. How much change would you have left from your pocket money?
a) $100 b) $202 c) $102 d) $112
Kyle has $100 how much more would he need to buy items costing $ 54.10, $89.50
a) $33.60 b) $43.60 c) $42.60 d) $36.60
Mary wants to bake a cake, how much would she need to buy the following items 1 dozen eggs for $ 100, I bag of raisin for $ 74.50 and 1 Tub butter for $100.10.
a) $174.60 b) $34.50 c) $ 274.60 d) $100
If I bought a pineapple at the supermarket and divided it equally for my seven friends and I. What fraction would each of us receive?
a) 1/7 b) 1/2 c) 7/8 d) 1/8
How much change would Jimmy receive from $500 if I he bought the following items, 2 bananas for $40, I chocolate bar for $50.99, 1 Orange Juice for $35?
a) $34.01 b) $435.01 c) $379.01 d) $300
Flour is $20 per kg, Rice is $30 per kg and Sugar is $15 per lb. How much would it cost for 1 kg of rice, 2 kg flour and 1 kg of sugar?
a) $85 b) $150 c) $58 d) $75
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