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Who was the Spanish Governor of Puerto Rico?
a) Juan Ponce de Leon b) Pope Alexander VI c) Vasco de Gama d) Hernando Cortex
Who was the leader of the Catholic Church that was responsible fore starting the Crusades?
a) Pope Alexander VI b) Pope Urban II c) Martin Waldseemuller d) Martin Luther
Which of the following items is not used to characterize a modern civilizataion?
a) group of people with trade b) group of people with a government c) group of people with a written language d) group of people who live in one city
Define Obsedian?
a) special ship that was build to make it easy to travel in water b) cloth sails that made it possible to move a ship against the wind c) volcanic glass d) oldest city in America
What was Prince Henry's contribution to history?
a) He was the first to reach the Cape of Good Hope b) He was the first to sail around the world c) He created line of latitude and longitude d) He opened a school that taught sailors how to navigate the ocean
Who was the first to reach the tip of Africa?
a) Bartomulou Dias b) Juan Ponce de Leon c) Vasco Da Gamma d) Vasco da Balboa
Which early civilization was known as the master architects?
a) Mayans b) Toltec c) Incans d) Olmec
What was the Olmec known as?
a) the largest civilzation b) the oldest civilization c) the first civilization d) the civilization who fought the most
Who wrote the 95 Thesis?
a) Ferdinand Magellean b) Martin Luther c) Vasco da Gamma d) Prince Henry
Who developed the first complex calendar?
a) Olmec b) Toltec c) Incans d) Mayans
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