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To analyze something in Biology means to...
a) look at something b) think hard or study something c) learn genetics d) grow peas
The female sex chromosome is the...
a) W b) X c) Y d) Z
The study of how traits are passed down from generation to generation is called...
a) Ecology b) Biology c) Scientology d) Genetics
The process in which body cells divide into two identical daughter cells is called...
a) meiosis b) fertilization c) mitosis d) photosynthesis
Powerhouse of the cell, these strucures release energy from food...
a) mitochondria b) vacuoles c) cell membrane d) nucleus
What green, saclike structure in plant cells converts sunlight to energy?
a) ribosome b) chloroplast c) nucleus d) chromosome
This structure found around all cells gives cells their shape and lets substances in and out of cell...
a) mitochondria b) Golgi body c) nucleus d) Cell membrane (AKA plasma membrane)
A body cell has 30 chromosomes. After cytokinesis, the new daughter cell has how many chromosomes compared to the original cell?
a) 30 b) 20 c) 15 d) 5
A gene whose effect remains hidden when it is paired with a different gene is called a...
a) dominant gene b) mutant c) recessive d) codominant
How do prokaryotes differ from Eukaryotes?
a) Eukaryotes have DNA, prokaryotes do not b) Eukaryotes lack mitochondria and lysosomes that prokaryotes have c) Eukaryotes do not go through mitosis d) Eukaryotes have membrane-enclosed nuclei, prokaryotes do not
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