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What color is the sun?
a) Yellow b) Red c) Blue d) Purple
What type of star is Sirius classified as?
a) Main sequence b) White Dwarf c) Giants d) Super Giants
Which planet has an orbit most like a circle?
a) Venus b) Mercury c) Earth d) Mars
Which planet has the longest rotation time?
a) Venus b) Mars c) Earth d) Neptune
Which planet is the densest?
a) Earth b) Neptune c) Mars d) Venus
What is the hardness of Sulfur?
a) 2 b) 1 c) 3 d) 4
What is Halite's chemical formula?
a) NaCl b) FeS2 c) C d) PbS
What is the chemical symbol for Iron?
a) Fe b) Mg c) Pb d) Ti
Which mineral has a greasy feel?
a) Talc b) Sulfur c) Mica d) Pyrite
Which mineral is used in pencil lead?
a) graphite b) magnetite c) galena d) talc
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