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This planet has the least eccentric orbit
a) mercury b) venus c) saturn d) neptune
This star is 100 times brighter than the Sun
a) Deneb b) Polaris c) Procyon B d) Pollux
Which planet would float if placed in a very large container of water?
a) Earth b) Mars c) Saturn d) Mercury
During which month woulf the Sun appear the largest to an observer on planet Earth?
a) July b) March c) January d) September
Where would the Sun rise on June 21st?
a) South East b) Due East c) North East d) It depends
Which planet has the shortest year?
a) Neptune b) Mars c) Mercury d) Earth
How long would each season last on Mercury?
a) 22 days b) 44 days c) 66 days d) 88 days
Distant galaxies are thought to be moving away from each other. What proves this?
a) Blue shift b) the big bang theory c) the rubber band theory d) Red shift
Which planet has about 300 times more mass than Earth?
a) Mercury b) Venus c) Neptune d) Jupiter
On which planet would the school day (6 hours on earth) be 2.5 hours?
a) Jupiter b) Neptune c) Earth d) Venus
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